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Portable or Stationary Units

What kind of heating needs do you have?

Ideal for warehouse or shop, working outside, job sites, mine site locations, construction sites, mechanic shops, patio parties, event sites, fitness centers, outdoor dining areas, storefronts. We have clean & efficient heaters in different brands and models.


A durable heater with reliable and efficient heating. Radiant & infrared, electric & diesel, eyeball & combustion tube, thermostat controlled.



What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat transfer occurs when infrared light leaves the surface of an object and travels to the surfaces of other cooler objects.

Why choose radiant heat?

It allows you to heat an object without heating the air and losing efficiency at the same time.

Heat penetrates evenly just like heat from the sunlight.

VAL6 heaters are not affected by wind the way forced air heaters that suffer from heat loss in the ambient air are. Radiant heat travels in a straight line and, unlike hot air, it is unaffected by wind or cold ambient air. Since infrared heat can penetrate into the object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and/or dried in a uniquely different way from any conventional heater, which utilizes heated air.

VAL6 generates infrared heat directly to the object without any air movement creating a dust-free comfortable environment.

Clean, complete combustion system produces no odor or smoke while it is running.

State of the art combustion chamber enables virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion thus making it the most efficient form of heating per BTU energy burned.

Because of the quality of craftsmanship, VAL6 heaters are guaranteed to last on average 3 times longer than typical convection heaters and those copycat versions.

How many hours of operation time do each of the heaters provide?

  • EPX: low – 20hrs, high – 15 hrs
  • KBE5S: 10 hrs
  • KBE5L: 16 hrs
  • Hot Gun 125NA: 16 hrs
  • Daystar: 6 hrs

What type of fuel can be used in the heaters?

You can use Diesel #1, #2, and Kerosene. If Diesel #2 starts to gel, mix with kerosene or Diesel #1.

What should I do to maintain my VAL6 heater?

You will need to replace the fuel filter and nozzle, and flush the fuel tank at the end of the season.

Call Steam Store Equipment & Supply to service your heater!


An ultra-portable heater with dual heating. Perfect for spot space heating in a large area.


Our standard model, a smaller version of KBE5L with virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion.

KBE5L (2-Step)

Our standard model, a smaller version of KBE5L with virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion.

Hotgun 125NA

The ultimate forced air heater. High efficiency and the hottest air flow on the market with a long running-time of over 15 hours.


The most powerful, yet efficient VAL6 ever featuring a 20% larger disk and advanced technology.


This technologically advanced system enables it to serve both convection and infrared heating to offer the highest efficiency heating and because of its compact size and portability can still be used commercially as well as areas requiring limited space.


The newest model with the cleanest and most efficient VAL6 heater ever. It incorporates a gas burner into the infrared heater technology.


This tube-style radiation surface offers much greater surface area heating resulting in higher thermal efficiency


The newest FAR infared oil heater with the sleekest features. Heat your event venues and outdoor dining areas in quiet without an open flame or smell.

Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters

Why pay to get rid of old oil when you can get paid to use the waste oil in a Waste Oil Heater?

Go Green – recycle your oil plus increase the efficiency usage for lower utility bills.


Why Clean Burn?

The Clean Burn Advantage

The technologies for efficiently burning used-oils for reliable heat recovery are extremely demanding. Used-oil viscosities vary widely, and oils contain grime of all types. It requires precision engineering and leading edge technology to handle it right. It requires a Clean Burn heating system.

Clean Burn heating units are the longest-lasting, best-engineered in the industry. The bottom line for your business is obvious. Within a very short time, the investment in a Clean Burn used-oil heating system pays back more handsomely than any other alternative available. With our unmatched service and support, you’ll realize energy savings and a comfortable working environment.

It’s time you experienced the one investment that is sure to pay both immediate and long-term dividends. It’s time for a reliable source of heat.

  • Discover the Clean Burn Advantage
  • Turn Your Oil Flow Into Cash Flow
  • High-Efficiency Furnaces: More Heat From Less Oil

Your company’s used-oil is a free source of fuel. But the efficiency of your heating system’s design and the quality of its construction will determine how far you can stretch your savings. When faced with unpredictable energy costs, only Clean Burn can maximize the value of your oil.

At the Heart of Clean Burn’s amazing efficiencies is the Clean Burn Heat Exchanger. Our furnaces are specially designed to allow up to 250% greater heated surface area compared to other competitive systems. The result – far greater heat recover and longer service life.

  • The World Leader in Used-Oil Heating Systems
  • High-Capactiy Boliers: “Coil-Tube” Technologies – Max BTU’s
  • Easier Boiler Maintenance. Cuts Cleaning Time By up to 80%

Patented Clean BEurn technologies allow you to dramatically cut your maintenance time as little as 1/8 the time spent cleaning comparable competitor’s models.

Competitor units typically require 2 hours of cleaning for every 400 hours of operation. Clean Burtn Coil-Tube Boiler systems thake just 30 minutes every 750-1000 hours of operation. The swing-away burner and door allow for easy cleaning. Clean Burn is unmatched for reliability, performance and long service life.

Nothing Else Matches The Power & Dependability of a Clean Burn

For reliability and installation options, nothing else compares. Superior Clean Burn pumping systems carry the potential to pump oil up to 300’ distance with minimum -40F degree oil temperatures, and powerful enough to draw oil stored in outside tanks.

Precision Engineered for Maximum Performance

Clean Burn furnaces and engineered, designed and manufactured to provide you with:

  1. Easier installation
  2. Reduced cleaning requirements
  3. Highest efficiency in the industry
  4. Maximum service life of your furnace

Easy-Access Design Features – For Easy-Clean Maintenance

  • In-line washable oil filter
  • Vacuum gauge for filter
  • Wall thermostat
  • Tank filter
  • Barometric damper
  • Oil line fittings package
  • Oil supply pump

Mi-T-M Patio Heaters portable and convenient for any size party location.


Mi-T-M industrial portable heaters keep job sites warm when it counts the most.

Our line of heaters are available in forced air, convection, and radiant models, and come in kerosene, propane, natural gas, or gas powered options.